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It has been a very full 2017

With the year 2017 coming to a close I started to think back to everything it has been. Certainly it has been a full (and seemingly quick!) year. By January 2017 our new building was in place. This was very exciting for us as we soooo out grew our old shop which pretty must was the 2nd floor of our 3 stall garage. But there still was much work to do until it was operational.

Most everything that needed to be finished, the floor, electric, plumbing and gas we did ourselves. Luckily I have a talented group of individuals. However, since we didn't have a professional crew working for us, this meant that most jobs took that much longer to complete. That being said, the work was done to perfection due to a very detailed oriented son! By late Spring we were moved in and making soap. There are still projects being completed (some shelving, additional electric and supplying the Retail space with permanent shelving) but it is such a pleasant and convenient space to make our products.

A lot of our time and energy went into getting our shop up and running, but that didn't stop us from growing our business. Now that we had space we needed to utilize it right? We reached out and added extra shows this year sometimes doubling up which meant splitting the team and heading in different directions on the same weekend. We attended a trade show from which we gained additional wholesale accounts and we saw our current customer base expand. All of this had us running pretty much 24/7 maybe that is why the year seemed to go by so fast.

So what is planned for 2018? Well first of all I want to thank all our loyal customers and look forward to our continued relationship in the New Year. I am also looking forward to having a Grand Opening of our Retail Shop, (stay tuned for details). And, one of my most favorite things, to have time to research and develop some new products. There wasn't much time for that in 2017 and I have a bunch of ideas bouncing around that I can't wait to get started!

As the New Year arrives, all of us at Wind Song Acres wish you and your family a peaceful and healthy 2018.

Thank you again for your support ~ Nadine

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