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So, how did this all start?

Many people have asked me how I got started making soap? Well, it began back in 2007 while I was working as a high school science teacher. One of my co-workers, a wonderful woman who was a special ed. teacher at the time, mentioned to me that she often made her own soap. This got me thinking about the benefits of creating my own soap.

We use it daily, so we could save money

Able to control all of the ingredients that went into it

The school year ended in June and I was off and running. I did my research, found some recipes online and got to work making small batches of soap. Although I made usable bars, none of them really excited me. I wanted a long lasting, good for you bar that had lots of lather. I started tweaking and working with ingredients, taking out some and adding others. About a year later I formulated a recipe that produced the soap I was hoping to achieve.

I was making soap, really good soap and I was having fun doing it. So much so that I started making batch after batch because it was such an interesting process. My kitchen and furnace room became "soap making central." Before I knew it I had over 200 bars of soap. That is when my husband said "what are we going to do with all this soap?" Well, I guess that was a good question, a person can only use so much soap.

Then came the unexpected turn in this story. One of our friends makes beautiful gourd ornaments and sells them at local art shows. She said "why don't you bring your soap to sell?" I had never thought of selling my soap, I didn't have a license, packaging, or even have a business name. She told me to get on it. So, I rushed to get everything I needed, gathered some soaps and joined her. My soaps were cut in rectangular bars with a simple cigar wrapping. It was very basic and I have kept a couple of those first bars to remind me how far Wind Song Acres has come. That first attempt to sell my product resulted in over $300 in sales, it felt incredible! I was hooked, now I could make soap to my hearts content and share it with others. My hobby became my business.

It certainly has been a soap journey, and one of the best things has been all of the wonderful people who we have come to know over the years and who have remained such loyal customers. Every day we wake up doing what we love because of you. Thank you for letting us chase this dream!

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