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Soap Making Classes

We are currently offering two different classes (more to come). We provide all of the materials and information you will need to successfully make cold process soap. At the end of the class you will have made two batches of soap (4lbs) that you get to take home.

For the Spring and Summer we are hosting a Tea and Suds Class/Stop and Smell the Flowers. This class focuses on natural additives that have different skin loving benefits: exfoliation, anti-aging, brightening, acne, redness, etc.. We make the first batch with tea, and the second batch we teach you a simple coloring technique.

In the Fall and Winter we are offer a Sip and Suds. For this class we make a batch of soap with Red wine. Red wine is full of resveratrols which are great for fighting the signs of aging. The next soap focuses on a simple coloring technique.

If you would like to host a private class we can offer special group rates. We can also work with you and theme the class for your event: Gender Reveal, Birthday Parties, Bridal Shower, etc..

We prefer private classes be scheduled during the week, Monday - Thursday. We are usually away at craft shows on the weekends.

Pricing Per Person Breakdown

We usually have two chances to win a prize ($20 Gift Certificate) at our own classes, this will be the default for your class as well. OR we can work with you to customize the ways your guests can win, games we play, and prizes they win.

Soon we will be offering a Brunch themed Soap Making Class.

Intermediate level soap making classes will be available next year.

If you would like to host a class contact us here:


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