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Local Ingredients

While we can't get all of our ingredients locally, we are always excited when we can get an ingredient from a local source.

By getting our ingredients locally we get the chance to see first hand how our ingredients are produced and who we are getting them from.
Click on their logos to learn more about who they are and what they offer.

By buying local on any level we help to build up our communities.


Kutik's Everything Bees

Family owned and operated apiary in Oxford
We get all of our honey, and beeswax from Kutik's as well as all of our own bee keeping equipment.

half barn farm.jpg

Half Barn Farm

A small family farm in Norwich
We get all of our Goat Milk from them and even get to play with the baby goats!

cracked bean.jpg

Cracked Bean Roastery

Specialty Micro-Roastery in Manlius
We get all of our coffee beans for our soap and other products from them. We also really enjoy drinking it.

Hidden Springs Brewhouse

hidden springs brew.jpg

2020 Silver Medal Winners of the 2020 US Open Beer Championship.
Brewing craft beer with local and global ingredients since 2019. We get our beer from them for our Beer Soap!

We are always looking for more local sources (within approximately 50 miles) for our products. If you make/have anything that you think would work great in our products feel free to message us here.

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