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Apple Balsam - Apple cider and pine. A perfectly balanced seasonal scent.

Baby Powder - True to its name it smells fresh and clean.

Berried Treasure - A playful blend of some sharp and subtle citrus notes.

Blackberry Amber - A sweet take on amber. Compare to Bath and Body Works.

Blueberry Lemon Verbena - A sweet and tangy scent that will tickle your nose.

Burmese Woods - A warm Patchouli, cedar, and musk.

Cake Batter Ice Cream - A warm sweet vanilla cake.

Calla Lilly - A Bouquet of fresh picked lilies.

Chanel Chance - A sophisticated and bright floral citrus blend.

Clean Cotton

Clean Laundry - Laundry hanging out to dry in the fresh summer breeze.

Cottage Breeze - A citrus scent mixed with fresh picked cotton, a touch of vanilla and musk.

Cotton Blossom - Cotton mixed delicately with fresh spring flowers.

Crackling Fire - A warm crackling fire blended with comforting vanilla.

Cucumber Melon - Fresh watermelon, sweet honeydew,  mixed with a cool crisp cucumber.

Cucumber Fresh Mint - Cucumber and muddled mint. Light, crisp and refreshing.

Dreams Unlimited - A fun floral blend mixed with lemon make for a well rounded sweet scent.

Egyptian Jasmine - True essence of Egyptian Jasmine.

Enchanted Orchid - Compare to Bath and Body Works. A mesmerizing blend of Jasmine, violet, orchid, and lemon.

Exotic Coconut - Sweet, fresh coconut mixed with vanilla and a hint of musk.

French Vanilla - A rich and creamy mix of  sweet vanilla with a touch of musk.

French Vanilla Pear - A ripe pear blended together with freshly whipped vanilla.

Fresh Brewed Coffee - A cup of coffee with a touch of cream.

Fresh Ginger Lime - Spicy ginger, lime zest and a sweet fresh apple.

Fresh Vanilla - Warm vanilla and praline milk.

Fruit Loops - Bunches of berries, a splash of citrus, and a sprinkle of sugared vanilla.

Ginger Spice - Ground ginger, light spices blended with vanilla

Goji Berry Bliss - Goji berries mixed with other fresh berries a splash of citrus, vanilla and a sweet musk.

Honey & Shea - Warm shea, tree blossoms, a touch of musk and golden honey.

Lavender Sage - Well balanced floral and herbal blend. Soft Lavender, garden sage and a hint of basil.

Mango Berry Tea - Mango, lime, passion fruit, papaya, a fresh bergamont tea make this  a light and delicate fruity scent.

Maraschino Cherry - Super sweet syrupy cherries.

Market Peach - Fresh peaches you could only find at a farmers market.

Midnight Pomegranate - Pomegranate with an orange zest, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla.

Moonlight Path - A floral blend gently mixed with a gentle musk.

Mulberry - A beautiful citrus and berry mix..

Mystical Woods - Complex layers of sandalwood, honey, amber, patchouli and a hint of citrus

Nutcracker - Warm and cozy blend of vanilla, hazelnut, maple syrup, clove and a hint of bright citrus.

Orange Cranberry - Freshly squeezed oranges a splash of tart cranberries.

Peony - A gentle and elegant of newly bloomed peonies.

Purely Peppermint - Bright and invigorating.

Raspberry Lemonade - Sharp, tangy and sweet raspberry lemonade.

Red Hibiscus and Acai - Hibiscus with notes of currant, acai, jasmine and a touch of amber.

Sunflower - A radiant floral. Compare to Yankee Candle.

Sun Ripened Strawberry

Sweet Pea - A soft delicate musk, with sweet pea petals, pear, fresh berries and other floral notes.

Tobacco Caramel - A classic tobacco scent, mixed with sweet caramel, honey and a touch of rose and mandarin.

Vanilla - A rich, pure, and sweet scent.

Vanilla Buttercream - A rich blend of sweet creamy vanilla bean and churned butter.

Vetyver - A blend of lemon, vetyver and sandalwood.

White Gardenia Flowers - A gorgeous blend of gardenia and lily.

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