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New Year New Skincare

Making small changes starts with intention and paying attention to the changes you are making and all of a sudden you have made a big impact.

Skincare is a small thing you can do to feel better. Taking time out of your day for self-care can help your mental health. Time alone to recharge, reflect on the day, and rinse away any stress you may have collected. Massaging your skin with products helps to relax tense muscles, can increase blood flow to help give you a glowy appearance as well as help to reduce and puffiness. If you add in active ingredients you can target things you would like to improve the appearance of.

Finding good products that work for your skin type can be a daunting process, but trying new products can also be a lot of fun!

When adding a new product to your routine test it on a small area first to make sure:

  • Your skin can tolerate the product and it won't cause more issues

  • It doesn't react with other products you are already using, not all actives are safe to use together

  • You don't add multiple new products to your routine at once, you won't know which product is working or not working. This can also be a lot for your skin to adjust to causing irritation.

  • You give them time to work, it can take up to 4 weeks before you begin to see results from your products

Choosing Products can be hard, if you are able to it is worth talking to your dermatologist about your skin type and what active ingredients can help you with whatever concerns you have.

If you are worried about acne prone skin you might want something that will help control oil and sebum build up, Niacinamide, or Salicylic Acid. You might also want to eliminate bacteria and funguses from the skin, Tea Tree or Lavender are good natural ingredients you can try. Acne can also be caused by inflammation in the skin, using cooling tools and products with vitamin E can help provide some relief.

Vitamin E is also a great ingredient if your concerned about skin aging. Keeping skin hydrated is key to combatting the signs of aging. Using products that contain hyaluronic acid along with a good moisturizer can help to keep moisture in the skin as well as draw moisture into the skin.

Everyone's skin is unique therefore routines should be too.

Your routine doesn't have to be 16 steps long to be effective. All you really need to do is cleanse with a gentle cleanser or a cleanser with your favorite active ingredients, moisturize with a moisturizer that compliments your skin type and protect with a sunscreen. If you want to add steps you should make sure they are focused on correcting your specific skin concerns.

Remember Natural doesn't mean safe and it doesn't guarantee it is good for the environment.

We have covered this in other blog posts, vlogs and other social media posts. Learn more through our blog and by following us on social media.

  • Essential oils can still be harsh on your skin, always test them before adding them into your routine. Poison Ivy is natural and its natural oils are what cause irritation.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar can act as a chemical peel so be careful how much and how often you are using it.

  • If you can always try and see if the product is made with ethical and sustainable practices.

  • Manmade isn't always bad. For example: Mica pigments can be made in a lab or they can be mined out of the ground destroying environments and communities as well as utilizing child labor.

  • Remember Natural has no legal definition or regulations.

For this New Year choose treating yourself (and your skin) with kindness and carving out some you-time.

All of our products are made with ethical, sustainable and local ingredients. We make everything by hand with purpose and simplicity in mind.

Our soaps are designed to be gentle, soothing, lather well and leave your skin feeling cared for.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax that has been sourced from within the US to help protect rainforests.

Our scrubs exfoliate and moisturize your skin while you shower, made with simple and effective ingredients.

Our facemasks are designed to help with either: acne, or dry dull Skin.

We have a variety of lotions that provide different level of moisture.

And so many more products you can feel good about using that also make your skin feel good.

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