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No Shave November

Facial hair whether you want it or not has special grooming needs. We have products to get you through whichever step of the journey you are on. It is important to keep your beard clean, this is going to help keep your skin happy and healthy. We offer soaps that are high in olive oil, contain shea butter and have a superfat to help keep more moisture in your skin. Personally, I recommend using our stout beer soap. Beer is excellent at conditioning hair, but it also helps to gently exfoliate, it helps lift away excess oils and product.

Once your beard is clean you should condition it and the skin underneath to make growing your beard out more comfortable. Our beard oil helps to soften the hair as well as the skin underneath. This product is great for beards of all lengths. Argan oil softens and conditions hair and jojoba oil locks in the moisture.

To help groom and tame your facial hair while also moisturizing follow up with our beard balm. This is heavier and isn't the most effective on short facial hair. Not as much styling as a wax but it will help keep the fly aways down. This is an unscented product because the natural scent of the cocoa butter is too delicious (and strong) to cover up. Once you are ready to get rid of your facial hair, we have shave soap! It comes in its own container and is best with a shave brush. This product provides a nice slip with a stable lather so you can get a close smooth shave.


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