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Farm to Foam: Goat Milk Soap

Whenever we can we get our ingredients locally. We get our goat milk from the Half Barn Farm. Half Barn Farm is a small family farm raising goats, chickens, trees, veggies and children in Norwich NY. They take their goats to competitions all over the country and also bring their goats to different organizations to help bring comfort and joy to the local community. Follow Half Barn Farm on facebook. When the does are ready we order our goat milk for the year, freeze it into cubes and use it as we need it. Goat milk adds unique properties to the soap. The sugars in the milk act as a humectant helping draw moisture into the skin. The lactic acid provides a mild chemical exfoliation leaving skin soft and refreshed. Goat milk soap has a very stable and creamy lather. We keep all of our goat milk soaps uncolored; we offer a variety of scents.

This is a photo of a white and tan spotted baby goat getting fed. This picture was taken from the half barn farms facebook page.
Baby Goat

If you are interested in learning to make goat milk soap, we offer a class! Check our class schedule or contact us to schedule a private class! If you have a farm and think you have an ingredient we would be interested in send us a message. info@wsasoapsplus.com


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