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Hemp and Coffee

Craft Soap

We are introducing two new Craft Bars! Our Craft Bars are designed to transform your skin. We specially craft these soaps with ingredients that aren't in our other soaps and have been shown to improve skin in different ways. We make each one with a heavy super-fat, we add more oil than what can react with the lye, making it more like a lotion bar.

Hemp and Coffee Soap

Hemp Soap

**Our Hemp soap is made with Hemp Seed oil, there is no THC or CBD in the soap. THC and CBD do not work well in soap because they need to be applied and absorbed in significant quantities.**

  • Ethical and Sustainable

  • Balances Oil Production and Won't Clog Pores

  • Omega-6's Reduce Inflammation

  • Good for Sensitive Skin

Hemp Oil is incredibly sustainable compared to other oils such as palm kernel, at Wind Song Acres we make sure our oils are sustainably and ethically sourced. Hemp is easy to grow and easy to harvest. Most hemp oil is produced in Canada.

Hemp Seed Oil is a light oil that is easily absorbed by our skin. This helps our skin balance oil production which can help to reduce acne. It moisturizes without clogging pores, because it doesn't sit heavy on the skin.

Hemp oil is full of Omega-6 Fatty acids which helps to reduce inflammation. Inflammation

stresses the skin and can cause acne, fine lines and dullness.

Using hemp oil in soap helps to improve overall skin health. Some soaps are made with detergents or harsher oils which can irritate and dry out the skin. If your soap is gentle and nourishing it can reduce the stress on your skin, improving skin health.

Coffee Soap

  • Ethical and Sustainable

  • Exfoliating

  • Increases Blood Flow

  • Antioxidants

Our Coffee comes from Cracked Bean Roastery. They are a local coffee roaster that makes sure their coffee is coming from an ethical source. Coffee plantations can often use slave laborers, contribute to deforestation and cause other environmental damage. We are proud to use their coffee in our soap, and in our coffee pot.

We have coffee grounds in this bar and do not recommend using it on your face. Large particles such as coffee grounds, or seeds can be to rough on your face and cause irritation. These types of exfoliators are however great at removing dead dry skin cells from your body.

Caffeine has been shown to help increase blood flow. This helps to brighten and plump skin which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Antioxidants help to keep skin healthy and reduce the signs of aging.

All of our soaps are made by us in our shop in small batches. We strive to use as many local ingredients as we can, we make sure our ingredients are responsibly sourced. We do not test on animals. We are always striving to improve our products.

Purposefully Designed and Simply Made

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