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The Cost of Climate Change

It is no secret that everything is getting more expensive. As a small business we feel this first hand and hate to have to change our pricing, but we also can't work for free. The main problem we are facing is the cost of the raw materials is going up every year. The cost of our soy wax has gone up in price significantly, and shows no signs of settling down. We get our wax from US farms so we don't contribute to the deforestation of rainforests. Soy plants are grown in the North Western side of the US. In recent years this area has been plagued by drought and fires. Harder and riskier to grow plants there means it is going to cost more.

The same thing is happening in Turkey in the Olive Orchards. Tens of thousands of hectares (2.5 acres per hectare) burned last year in the 300 fires. The destruction of these trees are driving the price of olive oil up. Turkey is also the region where many essential oils are produced.

It is getting harder to ship products from place to place and this has affected the availability and variety of many products. For us we feel this the most when it comes to our containers. they are getting more expensive, and we are having to rework our products to fit what is available. Climate change has affected all of the growing areas around the world to varying degrees. Political climates have also taken a toll on trade and agriculture. Prices are going up and we are all feeling it. We are going to maintain the quality of our products and will do what we can to keep the price reasonable. Thank you for being a fan of our products and taking the time to read this post that barely begins to summarize what is going on. Please enjoy 5% off with code: CLIMATE at checkout.


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