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I Volunteer My Hair as Tribute

If you have tried shampoo bars you probably haven't noticed a huge difference from your bottled shampoo. This is because there isn't much of a difference at all. It is still highly processed, full of detergents, artificial chemicals and colors. Not all liquid shampoos or shampoo bars are created equal. Some shampoos are created with you and the environment in mind and can be great for your hair.

When I was using my liquid shampoo my hair felt fine I was using a brand I liked that seemed to be trying to be better for the environment. I thought I knew all about how to shampoo and condition my hair. I was very happy with my hair using conventional shampoo and conditioner. I wasn't on a mission to find an alternative to my routine. I only decided to try something new because I became very close to the Wind Song Acres family.

We began researching how to make a bar of soap that was good for your hair and the environment.

Out of curiosity I tried a shampoo bar from another company. This bar was round, red and had a piece of cinnamon stick in the back to make it seem "natural". This experience was awful! My hair fell out in globs in the shower and after the shower, it was also very dry and frizzy. When I got out of the shower I noticed my tub was stained the color of the Shampoo Bar. After scrubbing my shower 5 times with bleach my tub was finally white again. After this I was pretty done with the idea of a shampoo bar.

I looked up the ingredients and found it was made of soap flakes and wax to keep it together. Nothing about the bar was good for your hair or your skin. It was full of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a detergent, which explains why my hair was so unhappy. After this experience I was pretty skeptical about trying another shampoo bar.

But, I decided volunteer my hair as tribute and be one of the first to try the new Wind Song Acres Hair Care Line. Now that I have I am never going back to using liquid shampoo.

This shampoo bar is different because it isn't pressed pieces of soap and ingredients bonded with tub-staining wax. This is a cold-process soap. It doesn't contain sulfates or sulfides that can strip or damage hair. This bar isn't colored and is only scented with essential oils, Rosemary (for hair strength) and Peppermint (for stimulating hair growth).

A Messy Start

This transition didn't start off smoothly.

I tried the first version of the shampoo bar while on vacation, it seemed to work really well! I was using it and regular conditioner and didn't really notice a difference, which seemed like a win. Turns out the water where we were was different (hard) than the water I have at home (soft). If you have hard or soft water your hair will respond differently. While my hair responded really well on vacation not everyone felt the same about their hair.

On vacation my hair looked normal, at home using the same shampoo bar and same conditioner my hair looked like I hadn't showered in a long time. I decided to discontinue use of the bar.

Try Try Again

Wind Song Acres came out with a new formula using lighter oils and I went back to testing. Conveniently this happened right after I got my hair cut, a fresh start to test a new routine. I also decided that I shouldn't be using standard conditioner while I make the switch, it felt like cheating and I learned it could prolong how long it would take for my hair to adjust.

I learned that it takes time for your hair to transition, and depending on the amount of product you usually use will make a difference in how long it will take to transition.

Typical liquid shampoos contain harsh chemicals that strip everything out of the hair and are mixed with their own blend of oils and silicons to make the hair appear happy and healthy. These added oils and silicons are hard to get out of your hair with the shampoo bar. This is because the shampoo bar is very gentle, it leaves the healthy oils in your hair and removes only the excess oils, sweat and grime.

As expected my hair looked greasy.

But it started to feel amazing!

This was the first benefit I noticed that kept me going and pushing through the greasy transition. I searched the web looking for something that may help speed the transition process along, other than unique hairstyles that twisted my short hair in all sorts of ways.

What Hair Needs

Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother!

I had a bottle of it already and put some in a spray bottle to try this out. The acidity is suppose to help cut through the chemical residue my shampoo bar was to gentle to get rid of. Hair also prefers a more acidic environment, it helps to keep the cuticle closed which makes the hair strong and shiny. Apple Cider Vinegar is full of vitamins that hair (and scalp) love. At first I didn't notice a difference in the look of my hair, but it was feeling incredibly soft.

Third Times the Charm

This bar contained citric acid and it seemed to do the trick! My hair was looking better and better each day. After a month of slow...to maybe no progress...this was a nice change of pace. My hair was looking better and so was my skin!

I avoided acne as a teenager to be blessed with adult acne in my mid-20's. I would get lots of bumps and spots on my shoulders, chest and neck. Once I switched to the shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar rinse this improved immensely. I feel less embarrassed wearing tops that show my shoulders, dip a little lower than my throat, and feel less of a need to wear scarves (now I wear them because I like them).

The citric acid acts like the apple cider vinegar. Using both together I saw an instant improvement.

This process really taught me that I don't need to wash my hair everyday. I was able to skip a day or two of washing my hair without feeling like I looked dirty. By avoiding washes it gave my hair a break, and it began to heal.

Different Hair Different Methods

While my hair was looking too greasy in the beginning, Cole (creator of the Wind Song Acres Hair Care), had the opposite problem. His hair was looking dry. He created a more conditioning product with the Apple Cider Vinegar and a Deep Conditioner. At the beginning of this transition I wouldn't have imagined being able to use these products.

Everyone's hair is different and the amount of abuse we put our hair through is different and will require a different amount and frequency of use of each product. This hair care line isn't designed as a one size fits all, it is designed so you can learn what fits you best.

He uses the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse every time he washes his hair and leaves it in for several minutes. I use the ACV Rinse every other wash, and only leave it in long enough to run my fingers through it.

He uses the deep conditioner once a week. I use it every two weeks. I put it on just my ends and let it sit all day, after I shower and with no vinegar rinse (to keep the cuticle open and ready to absorb the conditioner). He puts it on his hair and scalp for up to 30minutes.

More Benefits

While I wasn't sure about this transition in the beginning I am so happy with the results I will never go back to my old shampoo.

I talked about how my skin has improved and how my hair feels softer but there were more unexpected benefits.

I am seeing relatively no breakage. My baby hairs are growing out and when I shower I don't get fists full of hair.

I have very few split ends, compared to time between cuts.

My scalp feels great! I didn't know there was anything wrong with my scalp before, but now that I have switched I have noticed a big difference in the way it feels. I also have much less build up around my roots which keeps my hair looking full and light.

I started using version three on 4/5/19 and everyday I am more and more pleased with how my hair looks and feels. When I was using liquid shampoos I noticed I had to switch products every few weeks to keep my hair looking good. I don't need to do that now because my hair is healthy and not covered in the artificial chemicals.

Care For Your Hair Care

The Shampoo Bar is naturally softer. It is made with softer oils and doesn't have wax. This means that the bar will dissolve easier. It is important to keep it dry and out of standing water.

Shake your Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Wash the Hair Mask out with the Shampoo Bar and Vinegar Rinse

Tips and Tricks

Wet your hair and run the DRY Shampoo Bar over your wet hair, then keep it out of your shower. Rub it into your hair before rinsing out.

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